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I haven’t written since Thanksgiving because around here, nothing ever happens. It’s going to be a long stay if this routine keeps up…

A typical day in the life of one Signal soldier

…on the day shift…

0600: Attempt to wake up.

0630: Actually wake up; brush teeth, shave.

0650: Equip M249 and backpack (and body armor + kevlar if necessary) and commence walk to site.

0700: Arrive at site and commence…sitting.

0700-1200: Try to stave off insanity by playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, or reading. Even reading an Army Technical Manual is preferable to doing nothing. I’ve been trying to find a copy of vol. 1 of the Mobile Subscriber Equipment System Manual – it’s a good one. Very well written and quite fascinating, really. Especially the part about multipath fading. Titillating!

1200-1245: Lunchtime – a major milestone in my day. Typical food includes philly cheese steak sandwich, onion rings, apple pie a la mode. The lasagna is good (M-W-F only) as is the pizza (brought to you by Freschetta™).

1245-1800: See 0700-1200. On a good day, something will break and I’ll have work to do. So far though, that’s only happened once.

1800-1845: Dinner. Yeah! There’s a friendly guy of Arab descent who dishes out the ice cream and whatever toppings you want, and another who hands out pieces of various fresh cakes. Yes, each DFAC does have a “head pastry chef,” as well as a “head salad chef.”

1845-1900: Count the seconds until my shift ends. My relief is usually late.

1915: Ditch my weapon and backpack in my room, then either a) hit up the internet shack or b) swing by JoKur’s and the Pontiff’s room and commence video game/movie operations.

1915-0000: Party it up, signal corps style.

0000 or 0100: Bed time. I lucked out and got a new mattress and it’s quite comfortable.

…and that’s how I get down here at Camp Liberty. Night shift routine is much the same except it involves more sleeping and less video games.

I can’t believe they pay me for this!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Excuse me dear, but you need to update your reading list so people know what books you’d like sent to you.

  2. Schaus

    Given your schedule, it’s probably good the boom identification was left out of training. Otherwise there might be lulls in the conversation…

  3. quist

    those of us over here at falcon have a good deal of experience in identifying the sound of an incoming round. it hasnt been to bad lately, only one or two that have landed inside the FOB in the last five days. good to see you guys do as much sitting around as we do. i find that if i sleep whenever possible time goes by more quickly. especially if you sleep so much that you lose track of what day and even what time it is.

  4. SGT P

    Quist! Nice alias! I own a time machine too! Copius amounts of sleeping which leads to it suddenly being the next day or next week! w00t!
    Say hi to the Bear for me too would ya?

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