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wop wop wop wham!

…Various sounds this morning. I didn’t think they fired .50 caliber machine guns at the range right behind our pad but I guess they do. It sounded like someone pounding lightly on the wall of my trailer with a hammer: wop wop wop, wop wop, wop wop wop.

Then, just a few minutes ago – wham! – an explosion that sounded like it was close to the internet trailer. Hard to tell, though – the concussion from our own artillery is so fierce (as noted previously) that it can seem like it’s next door, even from a mile away. You know, instead of all these IED classes and gas mask classes, we should’ve had a class on the sounds of different explosions. Every time something blows up around here, no one can agree on the source; I still can’t really tell the difference between incoming and outgoing.


  1. Jake

    Wow dude!

    we didn’t get any model ships over here at Falcon, but we did get deviled eggs served to us in line. Happy Turkey day man.. see ya tomarrow.

  2. cindy

    Happy Thanksgiving Alex. Great pictures. We’re about to leave for Grandma and Grandpa’s. We’ll miss you. Love, Cindy, Christy, and Alyssa

  3. Spikebot


  4. Bryce and Lola


  5. Tracy Grimberg

    Great Pics, give my cousin, Robert Jackson a big hug from me. I would like to know how you got this web address going. I would like to start something like this and it will help to pass the time as I am also over here but south of you in Tallil. Thanks Tracy

  6. kelly

    I love the photos! We all really missed you yesterday. We send our love and all have new screen savers. The pilgrims crack me up everytime. You are in my thoughts everyday, and sooo love your blog.

  7. jon Leppala

    Happy Holidays (all of them between now and when you get back)

    Now, if you could get my number one son to write a note or two, sure would apprciate it! ( SPC Scott Ankarlo-Leppala where are you???) his cousin says she saw him on one of the TV news channels!

    his dad

  8. Alison

    We didn’t have any live turkeys here in Taji either, but we did have a giant horse’s head carved out of butter, if that counts for anything. Happy Holidays!

  9. The Bremers

    HI Alex,

    Its funny seeing how the camp universe includes pilgrims and Indians. Thanks for posting your thoughts and pics. You are a good writer! We are grateful for your service and wish you the best during this holiday season.

  10. Mom and Dad

    You should float the boat in the Holidazzle Parade you should be having in Iraq!

    Love, Mom

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