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the night before christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and off to the east there was a huge explosion and fireball, followed by a fusillade of small-arms and heavy machinegun fire. All the Signal pogues stuck their heads out of their trailers and watched the red-pink tracers arc through the air, originating probably just past the wall, which is only about a quarter mile from us.

Christmas Eve in Iraq, yeah!

At least we finally got internet in the trailers – so updates should resume.


  1. Wes "SGT-type" Thompson

    I’d rather have a Red Bull on my shoulder than that goofy over-sized horse-head on my shoulder… (The horse they never rode with the line they never crossed. Not knockin the soldiers, just the hex attatched to that unit.) But then again I’d rather have a Big-Red-One on there than either… So I guess I’ll shut up.

  2. Lola Barnes

    We’re veddy happy you are where you are, trust us. Saturday we celebrated Ccindy’s birthday at the Masonic home where her band the Lakers played a neat CChrismas concert.. we ate in a little snack shop: Cindy, your dad, mom, Allan, Alyssa, Cchristy, Bryce and I,,wish you could have been there. Bryce mailed our Christmas pkg to you yesterday–love, G AND G

  3. Mom and Dad

    Alex – We both understand.

    Love, Mom and Dad

    PS from Dad – I was expecting this.

    Love, Dad

  4. alektra

    All that you’re saying is that you want to give something during this time and feel useful. Sounds like you’re a decent human being, and I’m sure the guys that don’t have your skills whom YOU’RE protecting by making sure all that stuff works appreciate it.

  5. SGT P

    I’d rather have the patch of Yuktobania on my shoulder! (Inside joke, only for those who’ve played Ace Combat 5, of which Delobi is a fan)

    BTW This comment is coming to you as I fulfill my duties as “Custodian of Knowledge”, aka the Internet Gimp.

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