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merry christmas, iraq style


It’s Christmas in Iraq – rainy, cold, and muddy as hell. Not where I’d choose to be today, but truthfully, it’s about as good as it could get. With a glass of bubbly and internet in my room, life in a war zone could be a lot worse.

Thank you to everyone who has sent packages, letters, emails, and psychic vibrations – your support is humbling and overwhelming. Thanks too to those who are reading…I never imagined I’d have much of an audience here on my little slice of the interweb.

Shout out most of all to my parents, who have been supportive/puffed up with parental pride/helpless crybabies through this adventure.

And of course, my darling wife (?! not used to that one yet), Mrs. Melobi, who loves teh goats! (That’s my new wallpaper, and yes, I made it from a photo of her and a goat at the MN State Fair…)

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