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I74 panoramic

My first experiment with a panoramic photo.

The view from the top of my shelter one frigid morning – another day dawning over Camp Liberty.

The exposure isn’t even, as you can see, and the concrete wall isn’t really curved, but it’s an experiment more than anything else.


  1. Seth Jones

    Alex, Great pictures. I hope your Christmas was good, even though it was over there rather than here. I have enjoyed your blog updates and am glad you are getting some attention for your writing. My lovely wife spent last Friday evening and all day Saturday with your lovely wife. They spent the day watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 18 hours. I would go stark raving mad, but they had a great time. Good luck and stay safe. Fight the good fight.

  2. Mom and Dad

    Great pics Alex – It’s good to see what your quarters are like.

    Your Mom wants to know whether any endangered species were harmed in making the Thanksgiving headdresses!

    Love, Mom and Dad

  3. Bryce and Lola

    Thanks lots for the wonderful pictures. We’re really glad you’re copywriting them. It’s great to see your quarters and camp victory. Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are super. Seeing you eating your Thanksgiving dinner was the greatest. Puppy is darling.
    Love G&G

  4. Tom Miller

    Great pictures; keep them coming.

  5. LT

    vamp1 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vmp)
    The upper part of a boot or shoe covering the instep and sometimes extending over the toe.

    Something patched up or refurbished.
    Something rehashed, as a book based on old material.
    Music. An improvised accompaniment.

  6. delobius


    Geez…didn’t think I’d get the BN CDR up in here.

    Rock steady, always ready, sir! Glad you’re enjoying the pics.

    And thanks for the definition, LT…

  7. SGT P

    Sweet picture of the King! I forgot about the BK Crown Headgear!

    LT, one word:


    (Hurry back sir, ET needs your companionship)

  8. Mrs. Melobi

    I love it when the Pontiff posts. It’s good to know you have someone there to keep you in your place.

    Mrs. Melobi

  9. delobius

    Oh, you mean instead of you, Mrs. Melobi? :D

  10. cindy

    Your panorama looks good. I haven’t tried it on my camera yet. I just read an interesting article on bloggers that you might enjoy:

    “In summary, bloggers are nothing special. They are neither better human beings nor inherently cooler than anyone. It is simply that they have embraced one aspect of a superior paradigm and have benefited thereby.”
    I have to argue with his last point though: You are sommething special and, of course, cooler than many!

  11. Mom and Dad

    Happy New Year, Alex –

    I remember a New Year’s Eve in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Luckily, we could only find an authentic German restaurant – game horns on the walls…

    On New Year’s Day, we heard bells ringing throughout the walled city.

  12. Delobius

    I remember all the blanks they were firing off in Rothenburg…there was more gunfire in Germany on New Year’s Eve than there was here!

  13. Mrs. Melobi

    Happy New Year’s darling.

  14. kelly

    I went through your pictures again. Its amazing how good you are. They never loose the freshness they contain. Thanks again for supplying all of us a unique view thru your eyes. Love you long, miss you miles.

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