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happy new year


This Black Hawk touched down last night at the TMC – looked like it was picking up wounded for transport to a bigger medical facility.

The only fireworks I saw last night were a shitload of parachute flares (and a couple of white star clusters) that popped off right at the stroke of midnight. It was actually quite amazing how well-synchronized they were – almost like real fireworks. The Paladins were supposed to fire at midnight too, but they didn’t, unfortunately.

And thus 2005 began in Iraq, flares floating in the eastern sky, my area silent except a few passing trucks and the ever-present buzz of the diesel generator that powered my trusty UHF radio (and laptop). I was alone, except for SGT Giggles, who really doesn’t count, because he has his own aluminum-sided cave to live in.

Happy New Year, denizens of Earth…may 2006 find me in a more hospitable locale.


  1. Bryce and Lola

    INTERESTING. What is the stuff on the other side of the wall? In fact what is the wall.
    Love G&G

  2. Mom and Dad


    Gives the best impression yet of what your surroundings are like.

    Love, Mom and Dad

  3. SGT P

    It sucked Delobi, quit taking crap pictures.

    Just kidding, I had to do that because your family are buttering you up to much, Number One.
    Charlie Mike.

  4. Bryce and Lola

    Happy 2005, we. too are looking forward eagerly to next New Year when you’ll be here. We had our traditional apple cider and donuts–we’ve been doing that sice the kids were tinies….then went to bed.Liebe and prayers, G&G

  5. Pat in NC

    A Happy and Safe New Year to you. May God bless you. My email pawigo(at)yahoo is blacklisted?

  6. 2Slick

    That’s a nice-looking machine, isn’t it? Glad you got your comments fixed. I’m headed home in just a matter of hours. Hope you guys come home soon.

    Happy New Year!


  7. SGT P

    Man what a bummer of a year that was. Hope 2005 goes by quickly and gets us all back home soon. For those of you in MN, K102 has embedded radio guys with us and we’re having a party with them on the 2nd of Jan. It’ll be from 9-11am your time. Stop by the MOA if you have a chance.

  8. Bryce and Lola

    Jan 2
    This morning we listened to the FM102 show and enjoyed it. The only one we recognized was Sgt. Pope. What a nice guy and family! We decided that the event at Camp Snoopy was much better than the radio show was since most of the radio program was western music and ads. WCCO Channel 4 provided the video feed to the mall so we will be watching the news tonight since they will probably show some of it. Lots of love, G&G

  9. cindy

    Happy New Year Alex. I enjoyed the K102 show too, but was glad I didn’t make the kids get up early to listen since we didn’t get to hear you. It was great to hear Sgt. Pope since we feel connected to him from your blog.

  10. Mom and Dad

    Happy New Year Alex – Same comments here re radio show.

    I made your Mom mad early New Years’ morning when I unleashed fusillades of firecrackers and rockets from the deck, terrorizing the dogs and making tons of noise. Luckily, the police didn’t respond!

    Take care

    Your Mom says hi.

    Love, Dad

  11. SGT P

    HA HA! Look at that Delobi! Your family loves me! I stole your thunder today! MWAHAHAHA!
    Well, thanks everyone for saying such nice things. Barnes was hoping a certain someone was in attendance and available for comment, but the way they ran things it was kind of difficult to make a request from our side until the very end. He did help take the trash and empty food containers back to the Mess Hall though. What a super trooper!

  12. Mrs. Melobi

    I was there. I’m assuming I’m the certain someone. I better be! Good to know he cleans up after others. I got to see him waving at one point.

    Pontiff, I met your folks. Your mom’s a terror. I mean that in the best possible way.

  13. Delobius

    Geez Pontiff, you sound like a real NCO there…

    *US Army explodes*

  14. Spikebot

    bloody xlent chopper photo mate.

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