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naked in the desert?

In my latest package from Mrs. Melobi, she sends me an article from The Minnesota Women’s Press about a woman whose husband is in Iraq and supposedly lacks the proper gear, along with the comment, “I don’t understand why her husband’s story and mine are so different.” It seemed a little preposterous at first glance, and the more I read, the more pissed I got.

First off, a disclaimer: I’m not in this guy’s unit and I’m not doing his job. So who knows – everything she says might be true. But I’m going to fire for effect anyway.

The first thing that made me suspect the veracity of her claims was the title of the article: “Anti-war bride.” The subtitle is “Karma Kumlin fights to keep her husband safe.” So, which is it? Is she an anti-war activist with an axe to grind, or a concerned wife who just wants her man to come back safely?

Her first charge is:


  1. SGT P

    General Barnes strikes again! RUMSFELD!! Resignation in my Outlook Inbox S: NLT 05 JAN 05, Close of Business!!
    Where is Tony Almeda when we need him?! (George Mason has been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, but we don’t have time to mourn him.)
    Sorry George.
    Watch 24 if you don’t get that stuff.

    Actually, its a horribly rediculous show that Delobi and I watch at JoKur’s behest and make fun of like Mystery Science Theater. Maybe Delobi will do a post on

  2. schaus

    I don’t know a thing about equipment, and I’ll defer to your wisdom Delobi. I’ll just through this out there as a thought. Maybe people are griping as much as they are because they feel like they weren’t leveled with about the causes/justifications for sending people to I in the first place–but since that train of logic didn’t resonate with Americans, they’re lashing out with whatever emotional arguments do. It’s hard for people to live in perpetual fear–and having constantly changing Homeland Security colors isn’t really reassuring to someone who’s concerend (rightly or paranoically) about a loved one’s safety in a war zone. Just a thought.


  3. Mom and Dad


  4. trent

    Hello I have never read the site before and I would like to say that I like it. Anyway you should not be so harsh on the lady about the motorola thing. That is what we use all of the time here for gaurd tower. I thought that was a bit funny but that is what they do here. I am guessing that it is the same for most bases in this country. Just thought you should know.

  5. alektra

    I’m not saying she did the intelligent thing, but being that she felt betrayed by all the people in power, does it seem strange she would go to the other side for help when she didn’t feel she could get help from the Republican side? For a very scaled-down view of the situation, if doesn’t fill my book orders, I go to B&N. She’s afraid for her husband and feels helpless in the situation. Refer to JS for further comment, since I think he got part of the problem nailed down.

  6. Delobius

    Schaus: I’m sure that she was dissatisfied with the reasons for going to war – but if that’s her case, she should just come out and say it, instead of couching it in terms of “equipping the troops.”

    Trent: What’s up? Glad you could check out the site between guard tower shifts. ;) As for the Motorolas – I don’t doubt that they’re in use, I was just saying that a) they’re not the best choice and b) it’s absurdly obvious that they’re “less secure” than a SINCGARS.

    Alektra: As I said to Schaus, I’m sure she did feel betrayed – but it’s not like she went to some shadowy resistance organization. The Democrats are part of the government too, and it seems all too much like a political ploy when she only meets with them, since Democrats are responsible for making military budget decisions too.

    (Thanks for keeping it civil, btw…:D )

  7. leemo

    Delobi, Slu’s up.
    Have’t talked in a while but do check out the site from time to time. Felt compelled to reply here for two reasons. The first, to correct my sadly mistaken friend Trent when he says we use regular old motorrollas in the guard tower. Yes we do use motorolas but not the plain jane model T5720, no sir. We use model XTS 5000R which happens to be very secure and very expensive. My second reason is to comment on the Deltoid Auxillary Protectors. Yes, there aren’t enough DAP’s for every soldier in theatre but there are enough for every soldier in theatre who goes outside the wire. I’ve been on several convoys and every time was equipped with DAP’s which our good for convoy’s but completely unnecesary for those who stay inside the wire.
    Take it easy

  8. kelly

    Really interesting discussion. I like what you said Alex about: “major culture of risk-aversion in America” I think that fear is coming from multiple angles on Americans view of the war, and the situation at home. I think the equipment becomes an issue we can run with for good reason. Americans hold many views politically and on the war, however the one thing everyone agrees on is the love of our troops. Generally we dont know what we can do, other than sit and wait with a positive face for all of you to come home. The issue of your safety and equipment to perform your duties becomes an irresistable issue to cling to. All other fears and psychological issues then surrender after that. I agree with you go to war with the Army you have, but we Americans, as consumers dont understand the process nor the technology. We go to stores every week and buy the newest products, “the best technology”, and we want you to have even greater than we can access. This is unrealistic, but it comes out of love, panic, and the idea that life should be preserved at any cost.
    Big party time when your feet land back on our soil. and my new quote ” love you long, miss you for miles.”
    or bumper sticker/foreign translation= love long, miles of miss.

  9. kelly

    bumper sticker= LOL

  10. Steve H

    The unhappy liberals never remember Clinton when they complain about the lack of military equipment.

    The up-armoured HUMMVs and the interceptor vests were available during Clinton’s Presidency. The Military could not afford to buy enough for all troops because of the Clinton/Democrat budget cuts and utter neglect of national defense during his terms. Bush cannot correct the shortages and damage of that neglect overnight.

    Maybe if Clinton had done his job(National Security/Foreign Affairs) instead of meddling with the economy(Legislators) and chasing interns(teenagers), the military would have been properly equiped from the start.

    If Clinton had done his job, maybe 9/11 would never have happened.

    Karma Kumlin and the rest of her crowd, feel decieved about the war and it’s reasons. I feel decieved by them. They claim to be patriots and loyal Americans, yet continue to elect people that despise the military enough to so poorly fund it. That poor funding leaves America and it’s troops vulnerable.

    BTW I want someone to show me where Bush and Company said the coalition was after Saddam’s STOCKPILES of WMDs. It was never said. What was said, was we were there to destroy his CAPABILITY to make WMDs. Our loyal patriotic American troops did that!

  11. Anonymous

    I’d just like to add, in regards to the Jessica Lynch portion of your post, that it wasn’t THEY that fucked up. I was part of this unit, and I take offense when you say THEY. I personally believe that the blame falls on the commander alone, and the battalion commander, to boot. What kind of commander uses GPS WITHOUT a fucking map?! That’s fault one. Secondly, the battalion commander, and I quote, “Didn’t feel the need for Infantry support for the unit, so I divied them up into the batteries.” What kind of shit is that? Sure, we’re all soldiers, and soldiers first, jobs second, but you’ve GOT to support your MAINTENANCE in any way possible, or your shit that’s broke ain’t gettin fixed.

    /end rant

  12. Delobius

    Anonymous –

    Sorry if I offended you – I was just making a sweeping generalization based on what little I knew about the incident.

    Thanks for the comment.

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