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SGT Rafael Peralta, USMC

Read it.


  1. Bear

    Since when did the media control who is a hero and who is not? It makes you think who else could have a story like this.

  2. Pat in NC

    I was aware of this hero from reading military blogs. We in the US forget how fortunate we are to be citizens of this great land and the media is not supportive of the efforts of our troops. To me, any of you who willingly serve our nation are heroes. Our troops and the country of Iraq are in my prayers. Thank you for all you do for us here at home and for the good Iraqis who have been oppressed so long. Stay safe and know you and your buddies are appreciated by an old woman in NC.

  3. Steve H - USA

    No one serving in Iraq has to jump on grenades to be a hero to a little more than half of the country. You are all heros to us.

    I have a map of the 2004 election by county on my wall at work. It is quite red. The pampered, sheltered and deluded Smurf colored urbanites no longer have any of the grit, morals and values the rest of us hold dear. The things Sgt Rafael Peralta held dear.

    Sacrifice for your fellow soldiers, your country or your liberty are completely unknown concepts to the Smurfs.

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