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what a crappy day

It’s been raining all morning and it’s cold. The entire camp must be an unnavigable mess of mud by now; I’ve heard rifle fire from the range all morning so they must be having a blast over there.

It’s only a week until the Iraqi elections and speculation is rampant about what’s going to happen. Of course everyone is going to be extra-vigilant this week and the conventional wisdom is that things could get pretty hairy around here. I have a contradictory hunch though – not based on any kind of secret Army information or elite local intelligence gathering during my extensive forays to the PX and DFAC, just my own intuition – that the terrorists are going to focus their efforts on Iraqis, not us.

There are only so many of these terrorist assholes, and they only have so much operational capability. To me, it seems like it would be a more likely move on their part to keep killing Iraqis, rather than wasting their time (at this crucial moment in Iraqi history) lobbing random mortars into Camp Liberty, since neither I nor anyone else stationed here can vote in this election.

I may be wrong – I’m just a lowly E4 who has too much time on his hands. Guess we’ll find out in the coming week.


  1. SGT P

    Fix this crap Delobi, its double posted! I’m watching “doot doo” right now. Jack is still up to craziness. Sorry I took the DVD with me, tell Joe that I have the last DVD in the series for season 2.

    Side note on the horrible weather. It’s so windy here that the solar shade we setup has blown into the trucks so that it is almost an impenetrable field with the wind continuing to gust up to 45mph. I think Mac was trapped when I came to relieve him for chow! I laughed quite a bit.

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Sgt P was correct when he said you posted it twice. We finally had a snow storm with about 7 inches and drifts. Now all the outdoor idiots will be happy. Lola and I liked your analysis of the pre election situation and wish you good health and safety. G&G

  3. I love this shit!

    Outdoor Idiots?? Beats being a hermit!

  4. Mom and Dad

    Sounds right to me!

    Love, Dad

  5. lundy

    i hate iraq when it rains. the water doesnt soak into the ground at all. i had to wade through ankle high puddles of mud/water just to get back to the barracks from our site. and then on top of it all i had guard duty at night. i dont think i would have been able to see any iraqies if they had walked right up to the wall. all i want to know is when are we attacking calif. sign me up for OLC I, operation liberate california, now.

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