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Somehow, my posting of the latest photo gallery (#14 now…can you believe it?) is because of the Iraqi election – as with everything around here. (“DFAC is closed because of the election.” “Gates closed because of the election.” “No water in our latrine…must be the election.” “My section doesn’t have a runner vehicle…because of the election.” “Crap, the internet’s slow today…damn election.”)


  1. Bryce and Lola

    Great photos—hope anpther mortar doesn’t retun..glad it’s warm..Patti ((aka Trisha and George George are coming today to ice fish with your dad==but you probably know that, and Cindy is coming in tomorrow for write and take great pics—I’m looking forward to your book:Alex in Iraq—liebe und prayers. G & G

  2. SGT P

    Like this set, especially the ECP shot, and of course the mortar impact site. Unbelievable, and of course, Top in the middle of it all. LETS GO YOU GUYS!

  3. Mrs. Melobi

    Ahem, excuse me SGT P, but I do believe I see a few grammatical errors. “Let’s” has an apostrophe. The commas should surround “of course” and that sentence lacks a verb.

    Good to see you’re still commenting from outback, though.

  4. Spikebot

    Good pics.

  5. SGT P

    Thanks for the “on-the-spot” correction, Missus, much obliged. ;-)

    Good to see you’re still sharp as a tack.

  6. lundy

    i dont even know if i want to post anymore with all the spelling corrections going on. i was never one to include any puncuation except the ocasional period. my spelling has never been that good either. just thought i would let you guys in on the O.C. revolution. it is sweeping camp falcon and will soon spread to the far corners of iraq. the first season has been watched multiple times and season 2 is being downloaded as fast as it comes out. most of 13th sig is already addicted.

  7. Reski's Mothers Daughter

    Glad to see you guys have as much of a life as we do here at camp, Lundy. Yes, I admit I have been fearful of commenting as well, Sgt. P is all over everything! And now the wonderful Mrs. Melobi is taking part! It’s good to be back to work… I guess. Enjoy the OC over there boys, please tell me Summer is still the fav? Enjoy your leave there Mr! Better not see too many postings while you are home on leave.

  8. SGT P

    Hey, let me just get this straight for everyone. I only bust on JoKur’s balls because that is what…Well, its just what I have to do in life. Everyone else, with the exception of Bear perhaps, can write however they want with no fear whatsoever. In fact, I’ll let off on JoKur now that I’ve realized that my bullying is having a negative effect on other “lurkers”. Lundy, who told you that you could stop going by your normal alias?


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