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camp doha

Har har…just because I can…!

Notes about the trip so far (will clean up later):
-Bring ear plugs and Drammamine for C-130 ride – or barf bag
-Yes, you CAN starch a boonie cap to look like a drill sergeant hat
-DAMN these sexy women of the support units here
-Saw cleavage for the first time in many months
-Air Force women without DCU tops look more badass than Army ones because they wear black t-shirts, but less so because they wear earrings
-Seems like Doha is Texas with Arabs…and combat pay, tax exclusion, etc…what a gig!
-Saw the An-225 Mryia AGAIN – my third sighting
-“Dallas, atten-shun!” (the group of people flying into Dallas) – I’m not making that up


  1. Bryce and Lola


  2. SGT P

    Bling bling left some crazy motion sickness drugs here, so I’ll hold on to that. Dallas, atten-shun! That would be unbelieveable on normal accounts, except that this is the alternate timestream and in this reality anything goes. (ie dining facility being called to at ease for the BG)

    I can’t wait to see real cleavage. The digital version just aint cuttin’ the mustard anymore, plus the variety is gone.

    I can’t wait to hear the story of the drill sergeant boonie!

  3. Mom and Dad

    Sounds like you’re getting home just in time!

    Love, Dad

    P.S. Missed the Timberwolves game (business) I was supposed to go to tonight because court mediation didn’t end until 9:15 pm – a perfect excuse…

  4. Reski's mother's Daughter

    Okay, I am deeply hurt Barnes, come on comparing us with Air Force chicks? What is next? I suppose you haven’t seen too many females in Camp Tigerland. I agree, the earrings don’t scream “hardcore”. Makes a person mad that they collect hazardous duty pay and combat duty pay, what do they do, break a nail waiting for the theatre to open up? Well anyways, you shouldn’t be taking so much time reading the stalls at airports! Enjoy leave, and we will see you when you return.

  5. Eternal

    Dude, looked up that Mryia. That is one huge #@%&(*!! aircraft!

    holy crap…

  6. Anonymous

    That is amazing that you have seen the 225 three times. Considering that the plane was built to carry the Russian space shuttle and it was the only one built. However there were plenty of An-14’s built. Then again you did say you saw “the” 225, so I am sure you did. A rare thing, but very cool I imagine.

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