Postcards from Tradocia

hey red bulls…

…who wrote “B 134 Hooahh”? in the first bathroom stall at the terminal at Rhein-Main AFB? Because really, “hooah” only has 2 h’s, not 3. Just FYI.


  1. unknown

    Must have been from FSB. That is were the lower test scores are.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, “hooah” is spelled HUA. It means heard, understood, acknowledged.

  3. SGT P

    Jokur, quit hiding behind anonymity and claim your posts. (And your graffiti, most likely!)

    BTW Delobi, its unit climate survey time again!

  4. cindy

    I guess if you are reading graffiti in German bathrooms you must be on your way home. We can’t wait to see you.

  5. Eternal

    Hey, Nice bloggie, Delobius. Just saying hi and to visit your site. You may remember me from such movies as “B134–The Taji Platoon” or “The troops that Commander and Top forgot” and such AFN commercials as “RF Burns, Funny tingling sensation equals nuked internal organs.” and “CLP, tasty, yet toxic”

    Take care dude and have fun on vacation,
    My sugestions, Go to a local Hub hobby (Payne ave. one is better) and get a RC car, hover craft, etc.

    Go to the supermarket, this is a mind trip dude, especially the frozen foods section.

    two words… Best Buy
    L8ters dude

  6. Mac

    Hey Delobius,
    Actually, you can participate in this seasons unit climate assesment because it is now administrated online for your convenience. You should have an email from SFC Smith with the website link. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your vacation from the Army life. I will be joining the vacationing crowd fairly soon myself. Let us know what you think!

  7. Eternal

    who says I’m using the big “N”. Huh, I could be using my Russian made satelitte uplink station.
    It has blazing speeds of up to 28kbps. This is only possible due to the Socialist Soviets Propaganda Media Converter (SSPMC) Which converts the awesome power of the happy, content, well paid, and the not-tortured-or-oppressed-in-the-least-bit-way-no-matter-what-the-American-pig-dogs-lies-and-forged-aerial-photography-has-to-say…..and turns it into a blazing pipeline of Communist, er, I mean Socialist digital media. This is all due to the super secret component, only known as “ze microchip”…

    Quake in fear! at the power I have at my command!

  8. SGT P

    No he hasn’t Sgt Fish…I mean…Delobi, but he did fly through Germany on the way to Hell (aka Kuwait). I don’t remember if we were at Rhein-Main, but I think we were. KV was known for exclaiming, “I’ve been here before!” As if he were the new authority on all thing German.

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