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only a year passed for you and me, but 10,000 for them

When I set foot on the Lockheed L1011 that took me to Kuwait, little did I know that it was actually equipped with a superluminal drive that propelled us to the CENTCOM AOR (Area Of Responsibility) at or near the speed of light. Also, Camp Liberty is apparently also a self-contained space-borne warship, with integral support for all X0,000 of its inhabitants. Thus, while to us of B Company only five months have passed since we arrived in theater, the rest of Earth has passed an unknown, but presumably great, period of time.

I’m sure you think this is funny, but how else do you explain this hellish vision of a bleak, post-apocalyptic future?

When I was last here in October (of what year?!), that wasn’t there. Not to sound like a crusty old man (“in my day…”), but I’ve been eating at McDonald’s for as long as I can remember, and nothing about that sign is familiar. The character seems to be some kind of radiation-infused mutated creature, while the stylized logo he’s pointing to evokes a post-post-modernistic future where all symbols are meaningless. The single arch overhead speaks to some horrible loss – so terrible that only by cleaving the famous Golden Arches could the awfulness be understood.

If this much can happen in just five months, what lies at the end of our journey? Burger Queen? Wandy’s? TGI Thursday Afternoon?!


  1. Steve H - USA

    We need to protest that Micky Ds. What is it’s address. That sign is awful.

    About the driving. I had a similar experience of no fear upon my return from California, though it was the Cali drivers, not a 50 cal. that taught me how to drive. Minnesota drivers suck, they are slow, refuse to move over and are practically asleep at the wheel.

    Welcome home, enjoy your leave.

  2. SGT P

    Dude, that McDonald’s guy is haunting my dreams at night! That shit is crazy, with the single arch and all, WTF!? Man, I could really go for a Big Mac. MMMmmm, special sauce….

  3. Mrs. Herndon

    i consider myself somewhat of a history buff but i do agree that changing the facade of such an american icon is a bad idea at this point in history. It’s shocking even to us who are in the states. Countless times i’ve had to console a poor unsuspecting onlooker that everything will be ok. And that little chef guy looks like he wants to gouge out my eyeballs and eat them. BTW i LOVE the site Barnes!

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