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h-h-h-here we go again

It’s been fun, this journey back to realspace, or fantasy-space, depending on how far you are from redeployment; but inevitably I’m called back by the siren hum of my battery charger and the emphysemal rattle of our crotchety Humvee engines.

Now, the long, legendary summer of Iraq stretches before me; the water in my Camelbak will just be coming down from boiling in Iraq’s 250-degree summer heat when we depart, in maybe thirty weeks.

Thirty weeks? Doesn’t sound so long, when you put it that way; thirty weeks, one hour and one movie at a time.


  1. Jokur

    Delobi It’s good to hear you are rejoining the fold. It will be nice to see you when I am alowed to return from FOB Justice which should be three weaks from now. So I guess on the third weak look to the east. Mrs Jokur appreciated you delivering the package and so did I.

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Itwas wonderful seeing you and Mrs. Delobius..Lots oflove. g and g

  3. Mrs. Melobi

    I know you’ll check this before you check your email. I’m already back in the realspace of work. I’ve got it down to just over 400 unread emails and so am going home. The rest will have to wait. Kate and Seth are going to take care of me this evening.

    You’re missing a winter storm watch. Now that you’re gone it’ll snow and I’ll have to shovel by myself.

    I miss you already. I hope you don’t have to remove your shoes too many times, that you breeze through customs, that the ear plugs and dramamine work, and that the next 8 months fly by.

  4. Delobius

    Damn it JoKur, why did you let them exile you like that? First the Pontiff, and now you?

    And for God’s sake, it’s “week” not “weak.”

  5. Delobius

    Oh, I’m in Germany now BTW. Back to the party soon…!

  6. SGT P

    Yes! You hear that JoKur! Delobi put the smack down on you this time. He missed one though. Allowed, with two ‘l’s is what you were looking for I believe. Ha! BTW, things are getting rough around here. First its the fisherman with all the emails and the counseling and the newsletter, then they take away one of my internet lines (down to one computer now as well, the Apple alone stands, ike and gadbois’s laptops shitted out), Mac’s solar shade blew into the trucks again (a great grandmother of a storm blew it down), and on top of all that a new unit has moved in to take over the range and of course there are growing pains that have come from that.

    Pontiff out

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