Postcards from Tradocia

kuwait again?

Back in Camp Doha.

Coming soon:
-Army Uniform Violations Travel Fun Game! Impress your friends and achieve S-Rank Uniform Hunter by spotting such irregularities as starched boonie caps, white socks showing above the boots, and missing rank insignia! Earn bonus points with sightings of strange insignia (like the Sapper or President’s Hundred tabs) or other features of military life (like blatant typos on prominent, large signs)!

-R&R Tips & Tricks: Seems to be a lot of confusion about the process so I guess I’ll write about it.

-Army Mythology V: Your M16’s Action Will Explode, Sending the Buffer Spring Into Your Shoulder (Yes, I Saw It Happen)

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  1. SGT P

    All good subjects, but most certainly AM-5 is long overdue! I would also note that you haven’t placed AM-4 on the good stuff hyperlinks, come on Delobi!

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