Postcards from Tradocia

welcome to the desert of the real

A few little things have changed, but it’s still the good old trailer park. It’s a damn war zone! OK, not really.

I’m bored already.


  1. SGT P

    You better have your eye protection on!!

  2. Bryce and Lola

    We’re glad that you had a safe trip and are back with your unit. It was great having lunch with you Kristeen and Cindy. Have you seen any black or white camels? Love, G&G

  3. Gus

    Glad to have you back Barnes. Now I don’t have to work as much

  4. Delobius

    Haha Gus, you mean you don’t have to sleep in the LOS as much? ;)

  5. SGT P

    Haha! Number one, make your way to the Battle Bridge! (Also known as Butler Range Complex)

  6. Anonymous

    You should come here to FOB Justice I can see Iraqis walking the streets. The “gate” is a stones throw away and there is no bunk bed police, and eye protection, whatever I want to see them try to make our SF, Comando neighbors where eye protecting good F-ing luck.

  7. Steve H - USA

    Wait….Trailer park….I thought you were back in Iraq?

    Oooops my mistake!!!!! :-)

  8. Mom and Dad

    Hi Alex – How long was your journey? Tell us about your trip from Doha to Camp Victory.

    Magazine package to follow.

    Love, Mom and Dad


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