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death in the family

Three Red Bulls from 1/151 Field Artillery (Montevideo, MN) were killed Monday in Baghdad.

Article here.

A quote, from the book I’m currently reading (Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield, about the battle at Thermopylae):

What unknowable mercy has spared us this day? What clemency of the divine has turned the enemy’s spear one handbreadth from our throat and driven it fatally into the breast of the beloved comrade at our side? Why are we still here above the earth, we who are no better, no braver, who reverenced heaven no more than these our brothers whom the gods have dispatched to hell?

There’s a second part to the quote, but it’s more appropriate for later, when this is all over.

Rest in peace, guys.

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  1. Bryce and Lola

    There’s been tons of coverage in the newspaper and TV news. Too bad. Love, G&G

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