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From UrbanDictionary:

Hoopty: In reference to cars: a vehicle in poor condition, often large, boatlike, and aided by duct tape or bungee cords. Comes in two flavors, White Trash and Black Ghetto. See also: hoopty mobile.

The punishing summer is approaching, so with this in mind, SPC Super-Genius rigged up this air conditioner mount for our radio truck (the switch truck has a built-in A/C unit). I love it!

While summer looms, it makes for pleasant days – 70’s or 80’s today, with a nice breeze – and it’s this kind of small pleasure that one learns to appreciate here. Indeed, it seemed like the perfect day for a barbeque, so perhaps tomorrow I’ll go to the PX and buy a grill and some charcoal. I’ll pick up a case of NA beer and it’ll be party time, Signal Corps-style!

Top asked me today if I wanted to go out on patrol with the infantry. I looked at him like he was crazy – I’d like to get out of the camp but I’m not about to go pound the dirt in downtown Baghdad anytime soon, if for no other reason than I’m lazy and the idea of carrying my 15-pound M249 and all 600 rounds of ammo makes me tired just thinking about it. If I had a cute little M4, I might be more inclined to participate…


  1. Steve H USA

    Don’t those radios get hot? or are the power amps in the switch truck?

    NA beer? Isn’t that a little useless and a bit of a tease?

    Volunteer for patrol? With infantry? Are there really people there crazy enough to do that? Please, just be happy in your compound, with your grill and your fake beer for the rest of your tour. Enjoy a Sharps fo me too!

  2. Delobius

    Yeah, the radios get real hot. It’s strange that the switch truck was designed with an A/C unit but not the radio truck.

    NA beer is indeed useless. I’m not a regular beer drinker so NA beer certainly has no appeal for me.

    We have a couple of people who have gone on patrol. Boredom makes you do the damndest things…

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