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blackhawk smoke

Hey, has anyone else been smoked under the screaming blades of a Black Hawk helicopter? Because really, you probably would look pretty stupid wearing 40 pounds of body armor, 5.56mm ammo, and helmet, doing push-ups while an angry crew chief towered over you and the rotor blades roared just overhead. Not that I would know.

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  1. SGT P

    I knew there’d be a post on that hypothetical situation in the works. When I opened your blog, as it was loading, I must’ve read your mind. ;-)

    Sorry bout that one Delobi. BTW, we are soon going to lose our internet line in 107. Rumor also has it that we will soon lose 107 altogether. Butler Range Complex is truly following the namesake you gave it, Osgiliath, for it may soon have to be abandoned. Or so I’ve heard from our captian, though Faramir would roll over in his grave I suspect.

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