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your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries


Dark clouds threatened rain all day, but finally in the evening the monster thunderhead you see above – tens of thousands of feet high, I suppose – rolled overhead and dumped rain and hail on us for about fifteen minutes before receding. For a few brief minutes it looked as pictured, with lightning roiling in the towering heights; then the clouds smothered the setting sun and darkness fell. Maybe this happens everywhere there are soldiers in harsh and strange conditions, but the stark beauty of this place borders on the bizarre sometimes.


A pair of F-15s circled the camp for a few minutes today – their sound is distinctive, like their engines are tearing a giant hole in the fabric of the sky. As I watched them, it occurred to me that this is their war too, but so different; those pilots fly with virtual impunity and deliver godlike wrath (or salvation, depending on which end of the airstrike you’re on) from the heavens.


A little after lunch I walked out to utilize one of our fine porta-potties, and saw a forklift unloading generators from a flatbed truck. Nothing unusual – I proceeded about my business. An hour or so later, though, while glancing at the fuel gauge on our generator, I noticed a pair of giant yellow and black commercial generators, along with corresponding giant yellow fuel tank, parked right next to ours.

I walked back to the switch truck and asked SGT Giggles, “Who ordered the generators?” He replied with a puzzled look. We walked outside our enclave, in almost an exact replay of the Trojan Rabbit scene from Monty Python & the Holy Grail – with us playing the curious Frenchmen. We stalked around the two massive diesel generators – they were about 8 feet tall – examining them for any sign of their purpose or owner. None to be found, we shrugged and went back inside. I called around but no one seemed to know where they came from, so either the site will be a smoking crater when I get there tomorrow or we just got some hot new generators.


  1. Bryce and Lola

    Bryce predicts you have new generators to power the new communications gear that is going to arrive. liebe, g and g

  2. Spike

    LOL re the generators.

    Wish I could take cloud pics like that. Beautiful icecream white thunderheads here in rainy Sydney ATM.

  3. Mom and Dad

    Great cloud picture – hard to get good ones.

  4. Mrs. Melobi

    Happy birthday!

  5. cindy

    Happy Birthday from us too! I’m sure this is one you will always remember. Cindy

  6. SuperHoot

    Here’s the scuttlebutt on those generators. They are both near brand new (12 hours on one, 14 on the other) and they are being used for spare parts. I believe it.

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