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one year

A year ago today, it was a cold windy day in Hastings, Minnesota. B Company was mustering for its first day of active duty; three days later, we boarded the plane that carried us on the first leg of our long, ridiculous journey.

Has it been a year since I left home? It seems like another lifetime, and it feels like it was yesterday.

We’ve been to ABSURDCON (Absurdity Condition) ZULU and beyond, having long since crossed into a universe where anything is possible and nothing is surprising. It’s a Bizarro Universe we live in, that special place known to soldiers of all eras where the normal becomes impossible and the extraordinary becomes mundane.

Lest my writing become too ponderous and self-important, let me remind you that in the last year I’ve spent more time playing video games and reading books and generally killing time than probably any other time in my life. I’ve honed my skills of waiting to a keen edge, so much so that I doubt I’ll be fazed by any trip to the doctor’s office or the DMV ever again.

Ironically, today my hit counter rolled over to 10000. (You lost the bet, Mrs. Melobi…>:D) It was on 19 August of last year that I hit 1000. Modest traffic by the standards of most sites, but seeing as how this was mostly a narcissistic exercise, I’m a little surprised by the minor fame I have achieved.

Today it’s a cold windy day in Iraq, but there’s no snow on the ground, but rather water – it’s been raining for thirty hours straight and there are no signs of relief. It might as well be called Lake Liberty; the water is ankle-deep everywhere and deeper still in many places.

Who knows what the next year will bring? But, at least, next March won’t find me in Iraq.

(read the extended entry for my list of highlights…)

Some of the highlights of the last year for you:

Oh, and fun fact: in the last year, I’ve taken approximately 1,786 photographs, which take up 7.89 gigabytes of disk space.


  1. Lola Barnes

    It’s great that youv’e already put in a year. You write so well even though the water is ankle deep. We love your blogs and love you too. G&G

  2. Spike

    Congratulations on the 10,000 and the year. How long now until they let you go home?

  3. Delobius

    Six or seven more months. Whee!

  4. Mom and Dad

    you better look out cuz you never do well near water.For your snivelling mom it seems like 10 years. Our yearly highlights will soon be out in paperback. Take good care and i am so sorry i hung up on you. love, mom

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