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the flood


Clearly, as you can see in this picture, Iraq is a quagmire, much like Vietnam.

Rumsfeld knew it would rain here, and yet we have no storm sewers in our trailer park! Damn you! *shakes fist at uncaring sky*

This picture was taken two days ago, but the scene in front of my room (it’s the on closest on the right) is much the same today. It’s been a hilarious procession of wet pants, rubber boots, and poor fools falling into the mud and water (thankfully, I wasn’t one of them). It’s also a great exhibition of the Humvee’s all-terrain capability, with splurting mud flying everywhere.


  1. Jokur

    All the items isued to us at the RFI and no SCUBA gear damn you Rumsfeld *shakes fist at uncaring sky*

  2. Bryce and Lola

    what a flood. g and g==also what great descriptive writing–pulitzer material.

  3. SSG K

    Gravel, and lots of it. As much of a pain it is to walk on when it is dry out, when it rains it is gold. BTW, if you don’t have any gravel handy get an end loader and load up from the old abandoned 1AD LSA’s.

  4. Retread

    Got Moses?

  5. Cicero

    You know, if the water reaches a few inches, you could try skiing or tubing behind a Humvee.

  6. Delobius

    SSG K – actually the pad has a lot of gravel, but it didn’t help any when the water was six inches deep =o

    Cicero – great idea! LMTV waterskiing! LOL…I can see it now…Babes of the Signal Corps being towed on inner tubes behind various tactical vehicles…

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