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light rifles

Since being in the Army just isn’t enough gun handling for me, I’ve been researching various types of shooting to do when I get back to the US. .22 caliber rifles are fast becoming my favorite guns, since both the guns and ammo are cheap, they can be fired at any range, they have nonexistent recoil and minimal noise, and are great teaching tools for new shooters.

There seem to be two relatively new .22-caliber shooting events out there: NRA Light Rifle and CMP Rimfire Sporter. I’d like to do one or both. Anyone know if this is happening anywhere in Minnesota? If not, who’s up for trying to organize some shoots? :)


  1. ArmyWifeToddlerMom

    Do a search on Camp Perry…all the shootin ya want!!

  2. Delobius

    I’d love to go shoot at Camp Perry…but alas, it’s a little far for everyday plinking! ;)

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