Postcards from Tradocia

at long last…

…I replaced my awful-looking photo index! The new one is much sexier and is also much more descriptive.

Drop a comment if you have any issues with the layout – the stylesheet I’m using for the photo pages has the same name as the one I use for the blog, but has different stuff in it, so your browser might cache the one for this page and use it for that one, which will make it look sort of goofy. That’s a lot of technical jive-talk which means: if it doesn’t look lickably cool, drop a note and I’ll try to fix it.


  1. Mixed Humor

    Recently found this blog and really enjoyed the photo album and some of the other text. Nice job and thanks for your service to our country.

    Be safe and will be checking back in.

  2. Steve H USA

    A link to the main photo index from the viewing screen would be a nice addition.

    Great photos. More photos of your accomidations would be nice. Are those earth filled bags supposed to help with the random mortor frag?

  3. cindy

    Great new layout- I especially like the flag with 1/2 US 1/2 Iraq. Your blog continues to reach new readers. Do you have Hugh Hewitt’s new book Blog? I was going to order it for you, but I thought I ought to check first. Cindy

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