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spot reports of the weird

Inside the secure network of which our equipment is a part exists a high-security internet that parallels the “real” one. It’s vast but boring (unless you’re a dork with nothing better to do, like me), since it’s only for government and military use.

One of the more interesting parts is the spot reports, which are summarized descriptions of any activity occurring in the AO (area of operations). Most of the time, they’re pedestrian (for a combat zone): small arms fire here, IED blowing up there. Occasionally, though, you come across things that are unintentionally funny. Case in point:

Patrol came across a dead goat with a white burlap sack laying over top of it. Wires observed coming out of the goat.

(updated later) Control det. of RPG rounds complete. Determined not to be an IED. No explosives found in goat.

Is there something wrong with me, or is that hilarious?


  1. Mom and Dad

    No there isnt anything wrong with you unless having my sense of humor is a bad thing! That was a scream. I notice you get the most comments on your electronic ownership than dead goats, maybe we are off. Love maaaaa

  2. Bryce and Lola

    baaaa from g and g, too.
    During the heat of last summer there was a homeland security warning that if we were to see any suspicious looking men wearing long overcoats with wires hanging out to call 911 immediately.

  3. Hootkoop

    I still say it would be funnier if the goat had still been alive.

  4. Steve H USA

    Did they blow up the goat to see if it was an IED?

    Control det(onation)of RPG rounds?

    All Minnesotans have a weird sense of humor. It’s not genetic, so it must be enviormental! Long dark cold nights, make for dark humor!

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