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As I was finishing up a rousing round of Valkyrie Profile in my truck yesterday, I noticed a flitting shadow in the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw the little bastard above, who had somehow jammed itself into the lamp guard. It didn’t make any sense – the gap between the lamp tube and the guard wasn’t large enough to admit its huge wingspan. Did some larval form crawl in there (from where?!), transition through the pupal phase, and come out a butterfly, all inside my light fixture?

Anyway, those who know me know that my fear of crawling insects is legendary and womanlike; flying ones don’t make me squeal but they disgust me nonetheless. I decided that I’d rather not have a giant butterfly carcass in my light fixture, since that would be extra-disgusting. I unscrewed the guard and threw the offending bug out of the shelter, whereupon it fluttered off.

In other insect news, I saw an ant reach muscle failure today. It was carrying a rock (why?) as big as its body over the rocky expanse of the site. As I watched, I tried to imagine carrying something equal to my own body weight while climbing over rocks taller than my head, and I got tired just thinking about it. I watched with amazement as it climbed over the rocks, falling down the opposite side of each one as the rock in its jaws pulled it over the precipice. Just as I wondered if bugs ever get tired, it stopped. Its head drooped, lower, lower, until it just dropped the rock. What the hell? Was it having a proverbial heart attack? It sat there for maybe a minute, then picked the rock back up and continued the mission.

I don’t know what was more futile: the ant carrying a rock to nowhere, or the fact that I was so bored that I sat and watched it.


  1. Spike


  2. TOM-The Other Mac

    Was the ant exercising on the long circuit and the bug trying you on the short? Hey lighten up will you. Some really nice weather of late in Twinkie town. Thanks for the LOL.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    When you were a little kid your favorite interest was insects and you’d talk about them for hours. What has happened to you?

    Love, your Grandparents.

  4. SGT Thompson

    >>I don’t know what was more futile: the ant carrying a rock to nowhere, or the fact that I was so bored that I sat and watched it.

    Delobi = the modern day Sisyphus

  5. Mom and Dad

    well i cant top sgt thompson, but it was screamingly funny. we do know your womanlike fear of bugs because we are your parents! love maaaaa

  6. labor guy

    Perhaps that explains your fondness for the fine feathered friends that eat millions of bugs.

    Was it an army ant? Regular or National Guard or ING?

    I have a great pic of a bird I would like to share. Contact me.

    Stay safe!

  7. Some Soldier's Mom

    womanlike? maybe girlylike… once we get to about 45 yrs of age the bugs just annoy the hell out of us and we CRUSH them (maybe it’s a menopause thing) I’ll bet your grandmother can back me up on this one LOL

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