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snake, it’s a hind!

I was walking to dinner this evening when I heard the familiar angry roar of rotor blades in the distance. Nothing unusual – the landing pad is only a mile or so from the DFAC and Black Hawks fly over all the time. But the sound was different, rougher, louder; I looked up and found myself staring at the business end of a HIND D (or E) attack helicopter.

The behemoth chopper climbed away, showing the Polish insignia on its belly; another one roared along behind it. They seemed vastly larger than the Apache, and seemed to lumber through the sky like hulks instead of flitting nimbly.

There are probably few military vehicles that symbolize the Cold War-era Soviet war machine like the HIND; it’s strange to think that those beasts are on our side now.

I also had a twinge of fear – the sight of the weapon-encrusted wings of the HIND took me back to Metal Gear Solid. Snake, you’ve got to shoot down that HIND before it blows up the onion ring shipment!!


  1. Hootkoop

    Hehehe… I got some pictures of one of them on the pad. You want?

  2. Mom and Dad


    Get me the onion rings baby!!!!

  3. Mom and Dad


    Post the pics!

  4. Bryce and Lola

    I’m glad the Russians are our frienda now.

  5. Holly

    Oh noes! Save the onion rings- you’ll starve!!

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