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photos 17

Gallery #17 shows a little from FOB Justice, and some shots from the scenic drive to Liberty from Butler Range.

A HIND flew right over me today on the way to dinner, flying slow in front of the setting sun as if posing…and I didn’t have my camera!! I’m still kicking myself. Gah! There’s nothing I hate more than seeing something to photograph and not having a camera…


  1. Spike

    Great photos as usual. Love the SPC C one.

  2. SFC SKI

    I wish they’d stop changing the names of the FOB’s. I think I made a few trips to FOB Justice, is that where the picture of the Smiley Face Saddam is?

  3. Delobius

    Ski –
    It sure is! In fact, I have a picture of it here:

  4. Mom and Dad

    Vistas spectacular, billboard incredible!

    Re: Mossberg 500, I was reading The American Rifleman yesterday re U.S. WWII shotgun issue in Europe around the time of the Battle of the Bulge. The Army would issue a pump gun to anyone who wanted one, with the warning that if they were captured they’d be summarily executed. Demand was low.

    MN Court of Appeals struck down the shall-issue statute, saying that the bill wasn’t sufficiently related to the accompanying natural resources bill to pass the MN constitutional stricture against “Christmas Tree” bills.

    Love, Dad

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