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the end of the loft


It looks messy, but let me tell you, I’m completely immune to mortar attack now.

Allow me to explain. While it may look like the interior of a regular trailer, the front is protected by a mysterious item of high technology called a Hesco barrel. Cleverly disgused as a wire-encased bag of dirt, it actually generates a mortar-deflecting energy field that extends across the trailer, parallel to the ground. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints (HEAR THAT, RUMSFELD?!), they could only make the field approximately knee-high when standing in the trailer.

As you can see, I was flirting with death with my previous arrangement – every night I slept high above this energy barrier, with only the aluminum roof and the three unprotected walls to shield me!

Thankfully, thinking only of my safety, my platoon sergeant ordered me to take down my suicide bed. He even offered to help me take it down – with a sledgehammer – if I couldn’t find any appropriate tools (or suitable motivation) to do so myself!

So, mom, don’t worry – I’m invulnerable now. Thanks, HESCO!


  1. SGT P

    Not quite invulnerable Delobi. Mine is invulnerable. You must seek to create the cavern to acheive true invincibility. True safety comes from the vampire’s coffin. Lets get to work.

  2. kelly

    You make me laugh big Alex- rebel yell! Why not make a reverse loft- sleep down- store your stuff up- you are so crammed. I suppose its too late for that thought!
    Back to the range for me- just one week…rather stay home!

  3. alektra

    I think there should be a Civil Engineering course on those things – dirt and wire. Maybe an extra course on ducttape and WD-40, but that might be a grad-level course.

    I’m glad your platoon sergeant has your well-being at the bottom of his heart.

  4. Delobius

    Kelly – that’s actually what SGT P is referring to. He did the reverse-loft thing and has his mattress on the floor. I don’t want to do that because I don’t want ants and mice crawling over my face at night. ;p

  5. Bryce and Lola

    Cheers for hesco–and your feeling invulnerable. and cheers for sgt. pope he’s the greatest.lots of love and prayers, g and g

  6. kelly

    hey alex did you know that mice and ants can climb to great heights! so your face is not safe but im glad you are. i am at kellys today enjoying her company. love maaaaaa

  7. SGT P

    I, on the other hand, actually love the ample rats and ants in my room, so I choose to live among them as their lord. They do my bidding and are the best of friends!

    Delobi is just afraid of the creepy stuff, even though I’ve never seen these mythical creatures in my trailer once.

  8. SGT P

    I’m back in the land of milk and honey. As the guy at customs said, “You can’t take alcohol with you, but don’t worry, you’ll be knee deep in it soon enough.” Truer words were never spoken.


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