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I just don’t know what to say

Dear god. Please say that this isn’t real.

You’re reading that right – it’s a Rurouni Kenshin and Lord of the Rings crossover fanfiction.

Why? Good lord, why? Tolkien is spinning in his grave right now and I just want to cry.

To give you a taste of the drama…the pathos…the sheer action:

Boromir and Misao were unaware of the threat of the Uruk archer. Suddenly


  1. Anonymous

    Tolkien was probably already spinning in his grave beacause of the movies. They sure messed up on “Return of the King”. I wish more people would read the books instead of watching the movies. I enjoy your blog, and I liked your little post about Mountain Dew, even though I hate it.

  2. Delobius

    Actually, in some ways I thought Fellowship was superior in movie form – they cut out a lot of the extraneous stuff (Tom Bombadil? please) that I didn’t like. But I agree that they dorked ROTK pretty bad (though I still enjoyed it).

    And thanks for the compliments. :)

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