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north 40 loop

It was a beautiful morning after the last few sandy days – 70 degrees, clear, and sunny. I went for a run along the North 40 Loop road that runs around our part of the camp; it’s just a wall and a moat away from the streets of Baghdad, but unless they started throwing rocks over the wall it was pretty safe place to be.

Reeds and grasses taller than me (not saying much! har) waved in the cool breeze, and the birds were out in force: I saw Wood Pigeons, a Rufous Bush Robin, legions of White-Cheeked Bulbuls, and what I think might have been a Lesser Whitethroat.

Of course, I felt like shit afterwards, but that’s what running’s all about – continual suffering!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Looks like there’s some good eatin’ on them there Wood Pigeons. Squab–yummy.

  2. The Pontiff

    Delobi, your bird watching just reminded me that I found in some Greenpeace magazine an article about a bird watching blogger in Iraq. I almost thought that it was going to be you! Anyways, yes, I am now the Poster Formerly Known as SGT P, or The Pontiff.

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