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get low

The Iraqi attendant in the internet cafe, right now, as I type this, is listening to “Get Low” – on repeat play. No joke. The best of American culture, right here in Iraq! ROFL…reminds me of the heady days of Ft Benning when The Pontiff listened to the same song repeatedly.

BTW, for a hilarious cross-section of images, do a Google image search for “get low.”


  1. lundy


  2. kelly

    How surreal. It must feel wierd to have this cross pollenation- expectations of culture are being greyed out even in the extreme cases-ay? (now that I’m a ranger- ay is the word of the day)

  3. The Pontiff


    Yes, I am back in Iraq now after a harrowing trip back. I spent one night in Dallas because the plane was broke (which wasn’t bad really). I spent the next 3 nights/ 4 days in transit or at Kuwait. Considering I had only 1 change of socks with me and nothing else, it sucked.

    I get back to my room only to find it in shambles with an array of my stuff from Butler thrown willy nilly all about the place. Further, I find some of SGT Bottom Feeder’s stuff in here too! WTF! Plus, with no surprise to myself, I am now assigned to FOB Hawk, which is just outside of Liberty I guess. I checked it out using the JLENS camera, looks like we are surrounded by Iraqis. Goody goody. To top it all off, I’ll be spending my first few days with the 1337 hax0rz Bottom Feeder and the one and only Ike. Can’t be that with a stick!

    (SPC Badbois and SGT Al will be my crew, but I granted them a furlough at Qatar before I left…curses)

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