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one soldier’s story

One Soldier’s Story is “a non-partisan, privately-financed enterprise seeking to publicize the efforts of Army veterans in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire worldwide War on Terror – in a soldier’s own words.” (quote from the site.)

I actually discovered the site through the Milblogs ring before I got a couple of comments from the staff there, and yes, I’m planning on submitting something.

My question for my readers is: which of my posts do you think is most funny, most entertaining, or most suitable for publication? Of course, I have my own ideas, but I’m interested to know what others think. And “Gee Delobius, all of your stuff is wonderful and delicious” – accompanied by fluttering of eyelashes (Melobi! I’m watching you!) – is not an acceptable answer!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Nothing will be better than the post you write saying you’re coming home.

  2. TOM-The Other Mac

    Army Mythology III

  3. Mrs. Melobi

    Honestly I think I’d pick “the superbowl of pmcs, part 1” because you aren’t bored out of your mind yet and because there’s a squishy line in there. ;;)

  4. Jason Schneider

    butler dustoff all the way, of course i’m partial to your ranting(i miss the daily dose we used to get in xteen and jeff’s office)

  5. sec

    Combine the four Army Mythology essays into a single article (they want 2,500-15,000 words).

    I imagine they will get a lot of experiential articles that will be quite similar in tone and topic.

    Your Army Mythology essays are slightly off-topic and unique, and the real humor make these good material to publish.

  6. Bryce and Lola

    Butler Dustoff sticks in my mind

  7. nc

    Weariness – May 14 was gritty. I also liked the Quest for Fuel May 9 for obsurdity.

  8. Anonymous

    Hard to decide.

    I like the Army Mythologies, Quest for fuel and that one where you’re talking about excitement and yearning to go with some guys leaving on a dangerous whatsit. Buggered if I remember when it was.

  9. Theresa

    All of them, every day….just keep blogging

  10. cindy

    How about “armored flap” from December? I especially liked this sentence.
    The claim that the lack of armored Humvees is a damning indictment of President Bush is absurd, too – that’s like saying the Eighth Air Force’s lack of long-range escort fighters early in WWII is a savage criticism of FDR’s joining the war in Europe.

  11. The Pontiff

    Gotta say, Number One, I like the post that detailed our experience that evening when we were getting ready to leave Kuwait for Baghdad. Remember? When we were prepping your truck with Fergie and the Bear and the bagpipes were playing and I stopped and said, “They’re practicing…for a funeral.”

    I have a bit of a bias in that, but I also really liked what others had suggested about the compilation of the Army Mythologies. I mean, if nothing else you leave your mark on the Army by making an attempt to deconstruct its handed down stories of idiocy. God if you could have been with me in Kuwait… I guess it was 130 something while I was there! ( Not really )

  12. Mom and Dad

    We vote for qwest for fuel although the mythology of temps is a scream. Love mom

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