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photos 19 (!)

Live from FOB Justice: photos 19. Yes, I skipped 18 – those are of Liberty and aren’t as relevant. I’ll post them later.


  1. Bryce and Lola

    great photos. loved your comment:electical connection, iraqi style. and the palm trees are fabulous. glad you are copywriting everything. lots of love, g and g

  2. Some Soldier's Mom

    thanks for the pics… any bit of iraq makes us feel a little more connected to all of you…

  3. twizzy

    That is one sexy looking ammo can (if I do say so myself). There is nothing that we can’t do with a little cat 5.

  4. jokur

    What do you think your George Lucas? You can’t post 19 then 18 that is just plain crazy. Nice pics man

  5. Mom and Dad

    Fabulous pics. Numbers five perhaps the most artistic, the nighttime shots of Baghdad great, and most of the others excellent in capturing the scene.

    Are you going to miss the palm trees?

    Love, Dad

  6. The Pontiff

    If your son feels anything like I do, he won’t give those trees one thought when we leave this place. They are nice, but more than anything else they serve as a reminder that you are in a foreign place.

    BTW Delobi, did you know Roger is an Android in Big O? Yup.

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