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t-62 takeover


The fighting has been fierce, but fear not – the Signal Corps Special Forces has captured this T-62 tank!

Just kidding, of course…the ratty old thing is parked near the laundry place so I had to get some shots. Pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to drive one – pretty cramped in there even for a midget like me.


  1. Some Soldier's Mom

    might make a nice lawn ornament?? LOL

  2. kelly

    I’m not sure what I would do if I stumbled upon an object such as this- I surely would not think lawn ornament- but here I sit in simple St. Paul, Minnesota, my yearnings are different than the sandbox. I am reminded of the Dalai Lama
    (yes I actually was) Daily Practice Lesson Subject : Wisdom

    As an exercise in identifying how objects and beings falsely appear, try the following: (all retail or alley digging should first consult the following thoughts)
    1. Observe how an item such as a watch appears in a store(or roadside Iraq) when you first notice it, then how its appearance changes and becomes even more concrete as you become more interested in it, and finally how it appears after you have bought it and consider it yours.
    2. Reflect on how you yourself appear to your mind as if inherently existent. Then reflect on how others and their bodies appear to your mind.

    Alex, Ive reflected: you look too skinny, what up… chow time.

  3. Delobius

    Skinny? Ha! I’ve gained 10 pounds on this deployment! =o

  4. Gus

    The replacements are coming Barnesy boy. You better not have left your stink there for me! I will keep everyone informed on what Barnes REALLY did while he was here….muhahahahaha!!!!

  5. kelly

    Well’ then that T-62 Tank is very flattering to your figure! LOL

  6. cindy

    It’s the opposite of television: T-62s always make you look 10 pounds thinner. Cindy

  7. Mom and Dad

    Remember the press hype in the runup to Gulf War I about how the high tech Abrams tanks wasn’t going to do well against the simple, easy to use tanks the Soviets produced?

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