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back in the pad

Back to Liberty again. The food is bountiful, the sand is sandy, and the weather is hot. Is it good to be back? Hard to say – it’s still Iraq. Just a change of scenery, but sadly, the ol’ trailer feels like home. Only for a short while longer, though…

Pictures and text about the long drive tomorrow. Tomorrow, on Four Crazy Women and a Man With Small Hands: Shots fired! Lunch at Al Rasheed Hotel! Guy tries to sell us American medals! Shitpile becomes future signal site! Iraqis wounded!


  1. Gus

    Day 1 for Delobi’s replacement at Justice.- Delobi left behind an unidentified stink in the bed he left for me. The origin and identity of the smell is still unknown at this time. I am bringing in a team of experts in the next few days to solve this mystery. I’ll keep you all posted on the post-delobi era at camp Justice.

  2. MrsMelobi

    The stink can’t be from Alex. When he left I kept out a shirt to wear, hoping it would smell of him. It didn’t. The man doesn’t produce a smell. Pheremones, perhaps, but no recognizable odor.

    Of course I’ve never been around him after he’s spent weeks in 100 degree heat, eating bad food, and surrounded by smelly men.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    We’re looking forward to the story and pictures tomorrow. Love, G&G

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