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fuel corps special forces


It would seem that after my quest for fuel, I am forever destined to handle it.

Unlike at Justice, my site at Liberty gets fuel from the friendly roving fuel truck operated by the 199th Forward Support Battalion. We put our empty fuel cans outside the site in the morning, and by midday, the Fuel Fairy blesses them with sweet diesel! Today, though, the Fuel Fairy must’ve had a hangover or something because he/she/it didn’t show up. So, after dinner, I had to report to the fuel point in the sweltering 187-degree heat of Iraq to fill up some cans.

While my goggles are clearly sexy as well as highly protective, I had to take them off because I couldn’t see shit. Having tossed them on the ground, I was soon scolded by the PFC there and told not to throw “his” goggles on the ground. Sorry, sorry!

As I know all too well, fuel dispensing is serious business.


  1. Jason

    you should fuel up your car dressed like that in the states, that be good for a couple stares. one glove goggles, full desert fatigues. no one would think “wtf”

  2. Bryce and Lola

    great mini adventure with the fuel can. luv g and g

  3. MrsMelobi

    For the love of pete, no more goggle pictures please.

  4. NC

    Reviewing the fueling sequence from the movie Zoolander suggests that these safety precautions are necessary. FYI, Its a muggy humid day in Mpls. Approximately 100 degrees cooler than your reported temp.

  5. Mrs. Gus

    Can’t a girl at least get a photo credit for an amazing shot like that? I mean look at you – so stylish, so safe, so efficient with fuel – we are lucky I was there to capture the moment!

  6. Gus

    Day 7 at Justice for Delobi’s replacement – I guess Delobi is off the hook. The horrid odor turned out to be SGT Bonebrake’s feet. False alarm.

  7. Delobius

    Whoa there Mrs. Gus – if I didn’t know better, I’d say both Gus and Mrs. Melobi would have cause for jealousy there! At least someone appreciates my sexy-yet-safe eyewear selection…*snif*

  8. kelly

    Hey Alex- I really wish we could all post our own quest for fuel photos- lookin good!

  9. Mom and Dad

    Goggles, ja.

    I’m wearing mine next time I go to Cedar Lake Speedway!

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