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Various items collected during recent expeditions to the Interweb™:

Colby Buzzell, former author of the milblog This Is My War, has a book coming out, titled My War: Killing Time in Iraq. Should be good stuff.

Gunner Palace, a movie about the soldiers of 2/3 Field Artillery during their time in Iraq, is coming out on DVD on June 28. I haven’t seen it, but by all accounts it’s an portrait of life in Iraq.

Totally unrelated to anything I’ve ever discussed on this blog…one of my favorite sci-fi authors is Vernor Vinge, and in his novels he writes about the notion of “The Singularity,” the explosive growth of human progress and artificial intelligence that leads to infinitely-rapid growth of technology. Centerfield has a post about the idea that was a good read.

And pigs fly as Steve Jobs announces a switch from IBM PowerPC CPUs in their machines to Intel Pentiums.

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