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Castle Argghhh! posts about Multi-National Corps-Iraq’s new policy letter regarding personal websites and blogs, and reaches much the same conclusion that I do: it’s not much a big deal, at least not for the majority of blogs.

Basically, all the policy letter says is that a) personal web sites must be registered with your chain of command, who will in turn report them to the division level, who will in turn report them to MNC-I; b) your site is subject to quarterly review by the “commanders at the appropriate level,” whatever that might be. The punishment for non-compliance is, at minimum, shutting down your site until offending material has been removed; at most, some form of UCMJ action (i.e., Article 15).

Well, most everyone in B Company knows about my site anyway (hi Top!), so I’m not worried about my chain of command; and as for quarterly review, my site’s on the damn internet so you can review it whenever you want! Review it every day, if you feel like it – many people do, so join the club! In fact, why don’t I just put someone from MNC-I C6 on my notification list, and they can come read every post! OK, just kidding.

But seriously, I think it’s a fine compromise, and it’s really about damn time they came up with some sort of formal policy regarding blogs, given their proliferation. Some are making dire predictions about the future of milblogs, but I think the chilling effect will be minimal. Sure, you won’t be able to freely slag on your commander anymore, but if that’s all you wanted to do, you can write a letter home or something.


  1. sec

    Most people just don’t understand how little control one has over activity on the internet. Reminds me of Minnesota’s regular attempts to control gambling over the internet.

    If someone starts a blog somewhere and never puts their real name on it, how would they ever be tracked down?

  2. John of Argghhh!

    SEC – I think the policy is a recognition they can’t control in detail – as well as a recognition of the *value* of milblogs.

    But they’ve set the hammer if they need it, and laid out some basic rules.

    I disagree with the Salamander, too, Delobius – it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a mild ordering of it.

    What the FEC is looking at trying to implement will have far greater impact.

    Thanks for the link!

    Heh. Your spam blocker doesn’t like my email addy…

  3. Bryce and Lola

    Sounds like censorship to me, grrrrr. luv, g and g

  4. Delobius

    Hey, at least they don’t open my mail, a la WWII! Grandpa, did they ever open any of your letters during the war?

    John – I didn’t think I still had the spam filter turned on. Ah well…looks like you still managed to circumvent my defenses!

  5. kelly

    Hey Alex,
    Just wanted to say Hi, been out of your blog for alittle bit- happy to see you are still your fiesty self- I’ll catch up on your great writing later today- love ya and hang in there!

  6. Mom and Dad

    I’m surprised something like this wasn’t in place before the invasion!

    Love, Dad

  7. Gus

    Delobi- Get Low!!!!!!!

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