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party in my sen


Just another shocking view of the brutal working conditions here in Iraq. As you can see, The Pontiff, SGT Fergie, and I are crammed into the SEN (Small Extension Node – notice how expanding the acronym does nothing to enable your comprehension) truck in a cozy fashion. Typically it’s a one-man operation, but on this particular night, we had some important business to attend to (i.e., watching movies).

War is hell.


  1. Gus

    I see in the upper left Dubya even joined the party with some of his posse.

  2. MrsMelobi

    Gotta say…The Pontiff has a good set of teeth. And Alex’s 35 or so fillings aren’t showing.

    No wonder you sometimes feel caged.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    Great photo! Love MrsMelobi’s comment. We’re going to Prior Lake to celebrate Father’s day. Will miss you. Love G&G

  4. Spike


  5. Mom and Dad

    Must be a helluva movie!



  6. Desult

    I’m sorry you’re having such a miserable time.

    Anyway, I love the post and pic!

  7. kelly

    Your misery needs my company- Lets believe in the time warp- and make it so..

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