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double digits

We’re down to less than 100 days to go on this seemingly-neverending mission. Too early to start counting, though…

Not only have I run out of things to write about – oh man, I adjusted the antenna yesterday! – but I’m also generally tired of the topic of Iraq. Luckily, there are tons of competent milbloggers and others out there – check my sidebar and the MilBlogs ring – who are fighting the proverbial good fight.

I’m also tired of seeing the same faces – I’ve spent the last sixteen months with the same hundred-odd people and quite frankly, I’m sick of the vast majority of them. The Pontiff said it best – I don’t like anyone, and I don’t want to talk to anyone who isn’t my friend, so go away. You think “Survivor” is hard and filled with gossip and intrigue? Try Iraq.

Fergie had a good idea last night, though, for a series of photos of strange-looking Army equipment. Sort of like Army Pictionary or something! Look for that in the next few days.


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Excellent idea Fergie had. I’m sure I won’t be able to ID anything. I could not have identified your SEN. It looks more like a 1950s version of a space pod. You guys are just missing the space helmets and the panels could use a couple more dials and flashing lights.

    Boredom is a major feature of army life, right? Someone has to take on the task of documenting it.

  2. Desult

    Army pictionary would be cool. I’ll probably get it all wrong though, but one can try.

    My sister and niece are here again too, which means I’m sick of seeing her (my sis). I think the last six weeks she’s been here at least 4. My room is hijacked again, ecxept as of today I can count on one finger the number of days she has left before leaving. Eh, but seriously, your almost there, buddy.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    We realy can empathize with you, alex. and we are really eager to see you. saw sam play last night–13 to 1–felt sorry for gaylord, wherever that may be. in the last inning the coach moved all the players to different positions and sam went from catcher to center field. lotsa love and prayers , too, g and g

  4. Jon

    REFERENCING YOUR COMMENT: “I’m also tired of seeing the same faces – I’ve spent the last sixteen months with the same hundred-odd people and quite frankly, I’m sick of the vast majority of them” –

    = I wonder how those guys on a submarine cope with life, hot bunking and all.

    Any advice for the NG Retention NCO that you will meet in 100 days or less? Anyway, Signal Unit did their deployment duty, for another six years or so.

    Thank you for serving.

  5. I hate B134

    Sick of seeing the same people, and sick of being treated like a rebelious junior high student. We have to have the worst leadership ever assembled in the United States Army. It is absolutly embarassing what we have to deal with on a daily basis here.

  6. Sean

    Yeah, that time was the hardest part of my deployment, hang in there buddy!

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  8. Gus

    Delobi is reaching celebrity status!!

  9. cindy

    I hope we get to hear you on the show.

  10. Bryce and Lola

    Sounds good.

  11. The Pontiff

    Better check with El Capitan first…or on second thought just do whatever you want. But just make sure you’re in the proper uniform when you do it, or else its….

    PAD 5 DETAIL!!!

    (insert virus.wav here)

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