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Am I a super-dork, or does the International Tactical Rifleman Championship look absolutely sweet?

A description:

The D&L Sports International Tactical Rifleman Championships (ITRC) is a “3 Gun” match unlike conventional 3Gun matches. This match has field courses from 1 to 2.5 miles long which must be finished in times from 45 minutes to two hours by teams of two: a bolt rifle shooter, and a carbine shooter.

Sign me up…! Who wants to be my shooting partner? :D


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    You have to ask? You don’t remember then making you the poster child long ago? How about Cowboy Action Shooters instead? You, too, could own 6 pairs of Western boots!

  2. Desult

    I wasn’t sure what it was before reading. Now that I’ve read it, that looks like it could be quite a bit of fun.

    And I’d be your shooting partner, but my God, would we lose.

  3. cindy

    I thought I remembered that in your wedding vows you said you would “love, honor, and be partners in shooting competitions” so Mrs. Melobi is your obvious choice.

  4. Mom and Dad

    Gilette, WY, ja.

    Remember when we were there?

    Unspoiled people…

    Love, Dad

  5. Mrs. Melobi

    OK, he never told me it was in Wyoming. I’m always happy to go to Wyoming (except for Casper). I’d be willing to make a fool of myself and uphold the vows I don’t recall making for a trip out there where no one finds my footwear strange.

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