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guess what: we lose!

Hey, I guess I didn’t get the memo, but apparently we’re losing.

I heard it on CNN too, where Ted Kennedy and other “honored” members of Congress were grilling Rumsfeld and CJTF-7 commander General Casey about our “failed” war in Iraq. So, that’s it – nice work on the part of Zarqawi and al-Sadr and the rest of the civilian-killing dirtbags who opposed liberty and democracy in this country. You win!

Hearing things like this make me paralyzed with despair and disbelief. All of our sacrifices, all of our hard work, all of the money spent – all willing to be discarded for political reasons by alcoholic woman-killers in Washington. This is our war to lose, and war opponents (I’m hesitant to use the term “liberal” because it just doesn’t seem to fit the bill) are doing their best to lose it in the only way possible: on the battlefield of the media and public opinion.

The national and international news media (especially services like the AP and Reuters) seem all too happy to assist in this defeat, having become all but full-time anti-war, anti-Bush propaganda mouthpieces, printing blatantly biased material as “news” pieces. It’s not hard to simply report facts, and let people draw their own conclusions; our enlightened purveyors of truth in the media, however, would rather tell us hapless sheep what we should think about the events they report. Thus, a suicide car bombing in Baghdad didn’t just kill X people at Y time of day; rather, it “underscores the fragile security situation/shows signs of increasing sectarian violence/is another killing in a relentless onslaught that has killed X since the elections/shows Chimpy McBushitler is a moron and we should’ve sent the Coast Guard in there too.”

I’ve written about this before and I’m just sick of it. If I wanted to fisk every biased article I read in the Stars & Stripes (courtesy of the AP) or on the web, my task would literally never end.

I’ll let the WSJ OpinionJournal give a more eloquent and less pissed-off perspective on the situation.


  1. Starnge1

    I must’ve been out watering the garden. At last I heard there was a freely elected government in Iraq and we were beating down the insurgents own camel-humping turd after another.

    See what i get for looking to the RIGHT, perhaps I should just wring my hands and frett about what to do next.

  2. Mr. Anderson

    Just remember man,in the 90s all the republicans and the “whitewater” commision could talk about is who Bill Clinton had an affair with, and that is all the news would talk about. So, as much as I hate everybody in Washington saying and doing things strictly for politcal gains, it wasn’t too long ago that the shoe was on the other foot.

  3. sec

    What goes around comes around?

  4. Delobius

    Mr. Anderson – it’s apples and oranges. The Clinton business was a presidential sex scandal. In Iraq, people are dying.

  5. Desult

    Delobius, I’m sorry if the article put a damper on your spirits. What you’ve been doing is not in vain, buddy. Don’t let this or others let bring you down.

  6. YankeePaPa13

    …Senator John McCain..June 21st, 2005…

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Senator John McCain said that while the US fight to end Iraq’s insurgency is “tough,” it in no way compares to the US war in Vietnam more than a generation ago.

    “I still don’t believe there’s a good comparison to Vietnam,” said McCain, a former Navy pilot who was held there as a prisoner of war for more than five years.
    “This was primarily a nationalist movement that we saw in Vietnam, although it had trappings of Communism,” he told NBC television.

    “The people of Iraq, I think, showed they want to govern themselves by the election,” he continued, saying he sees “significant progress” in some areas.

    “I think democracy and freedom is spreading throughout the Middle East. I think it’s a direct result of the events in Iraq, at least partially,” said McCain, who said on a scale of one to 10, he would give the US effort in Iraq a “six.”

    “The key to it is patience,” McCain added.

    “The key to it is telling the American people it’s going to be long and it’s going to be hard and difficult. And we can and must win,” he said.

    His comments came on the same day as President George W. Bush received Vietnam’s Prime Minister Phan Van Khai for historic talks at the White House.

    McCain remarks were in sharp contrast to those of another prominent Senate Republican, Chuck Hagel, who in a magazine interview this week slammed the Bush administration’s Iraq policy as “disconnected from reality.”

    “The reality is that we’re losing in Iraq,” Hagel today US News and World Report, in some of the harshest comments on the war so far from a member of the president’s party.

    ..AP..June 22nd..

    If you want to be the next president, it’s time to start running _ unless your name is Hillary Rodham Clinton or John McCain. They can wait. And wait, as front-runners tend to do.

    “They’re 800-pound gorillas,” says Democratic consultant Jeff Link of Iowa. “They’re well-known, well-liked and will be heavy favorites in their respective parties.”

    What does that mean for the other 15 or so Democrats and Republicans considering a 2008 bid? It’s time to get hustling. They have a limited window of opportunity to establish themselves as credible candidates before the early front-runners decide whether to seize center stage.

    ..June 19th, 2005

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Republican Senator Chuck Hagel slammed the George W. Bush administration’s Iraq policy as “disconnected from reality” in some of the harshest comments to date about the war from a member of the president’s own party.

    Hagel, a top Senate Republican said to have presidential aspirations, said in an interview in US News and World Report, set to hit newsstands Monday, that US troops are “losing” the Iraq war, and that “things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse.”

    ..The Good ..The Bad..And..The Ugly..Ugly truth is..some of these folks have their own agendas..while others may have a genuine concern..I have no doubt it will all work out in the end..Be Safe All..Semper Fi..

  7. YankeePaPa13

    ..If any of you got some ideas in your heads that you are “loosing” this battle..take a look at some statistics..Posted on another blog for your benefit and those of us that support your efforts..Semper Fi..

    Here is some data about reconstruction efforts in Iraq:

    A Year of Sovereignty Accomplishments …

    Compiled by Multi-National Force – Iraq Strategic Communications


  8. SGT "Doc" Thompson

    I like the cut of YankeePaPa13’s jib.

    And I also like saying: “cut of (whoever’s) jib”.

    -Wiskey Wiskey Tango (aka SGT Thompson)

  9. YankeePaPa13

    ..Got a handle on that whiskey..??..Over..(You another Marine..??..)

  10. Mom and Dad

    One of the sickest aspects of the current situation is legislators spewing defeatist twaddle after they supported the initiation of the war. The facts were there for anyone to see.

    I’m disapointed in Chuck Hagel.

    I think WWII was the last U.S. war where the public stayed the course.

    Love, Dad

  11. mtkajon

    Don’t listen to the hype, the spin….no one at home knows what you know….but we DO know not to trust what we see and hear in the media and from the politicians. WE, the quiet ones, who go about our daily lives, going to work, taking care of our children, sleeping in comfort, living in the freedom that you, our soldiers, protect, support you. We talk to God about you, we don’t talk to the media about you. Semper Fi!

  12. jami

    if someone said “failed” or “losing,” they didn’t choose their words carefully enough. the u.s. can definitely succeed in stabilizing iraq and getting you guys home if our leaders give some deeper thought to how to clean it up a lot faster, with a lot fewer casualties.

    i don’t know if you heard bush’s comment, “i think about iraq every day.” like that’s enough. it’s not. he should have a plan to get you guys out of there. if he does, he’s not sharing. a lot of people are starting to suspect that he never did.

  13. Wild Thing

    You all ROCK over there! You are NOT loosing at all. Look at the tremendous things you have accompolished! It breaks my heart when the media like CNN etc. and those that do not appreciate how and why we are free make their idiotic statements! It makes me furious!
    They are NOT saying what is true. They lie and those of us that know the cost of our freedom know they are just saying lies.
    Please do not listen to them, listen to our hearts that are so filled with pride in all you have done and are doing. We are so proud of you and you are America’s Heroes !!!!


    I would invite you to look on the CENTCOM web site to see that there is progress being made in theater.

    Good Job!

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