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photos 21

It’s time…for photo page #21.


  1. Bryce and Lola

    great photojourbalism—love that pool…it looks better than esina’s …are you learning arabic? lots of love, g and g

  2. YankeePaPa13

    ..Lovely..Just Lovely..Hope you guys..and girls..enjoy the 4th..Semper Fi..

  3. Spike

    Great photos as usual. Barbed wire one’s my favourite.

  4. Darth Pontificus

    Decided to change the name again due to recent events, but the good thing is the Pontiff returns to the City.

    Great pics, obviously. The Babes of the Signal Corps Calendar needs to be close in following.

    “Strike me down and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!”
    -Emperor Palpatine

  5. KitKat

    Great Blog! Found you looking for Xmas in July. Do you know a J. Ford? Kat

  6. Gordon Bathurst


    I have been reading your blog for some months now with keen interest as a fellow communicator in the reserve (Territorial Army component) of the British Army.

    We have just returned from our two week annual camp where we had the pleasure of hosting three soldiers from the National Guard – and I was chatting to one of them as we drove to Germany asking whether he ever read Milblogs at which point I quoted yours as one of the best I have read – and was rather amazed to hear that you were in the same battalion but different companies – he is an LT in C Company and is the full time training officer (I guess I shouldn’t publish his name so I wont). What a small world it is sometimes! He sends his best wishes, as do I, you do a fantastic job and I think your blog is great reading.

    Keep safe

  7. Delobius

    Gordon –

    That’s incredible! Small world, indeed!

    And thanks for reading.

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