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army pictionary 3


It’s #3…keep up the good guessing!

Hi-fi stereo component cable for the vacuum-tube stereo receiver in the SEN? Electrified anal interrogation plug for use on Gitmo prisoners? You decide!


  1. Twizzy

    the replacement for all those chemlights?? Or maybe its the power cable for your spinning G-Unit/Delobius Emblem. D D D D Delobius!!

  2. Mrs. Melobi

    I’m saying it’s either a rumor router or a command randomizer.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    It’s obviously an adapter cable for a Martian headset. We all know that they have five ears for pentagonal direction finding.

  4. Gus

    1 each – Standard Army issue 5 prong two sided comb

  5. sec

    Hands-free MRE feeding tubes. One tube for each course of the meal. Hmmm hmmm good!

  6. cindy

    I think you put one end in a potato (like a science fair electricity experiment) and then you can electrocute the ants. It works better than a magnifying glass in the sun.

  7. Spike

    I’ll go with command randomizer or ant zapper.

  8. TOM-The Other Mac

    It is a Fulcrim terminator because on balance it plugs into the field fabrication shown, knot that I wood show you how it works mind you? It actually is an Iraqi version of the “Pest-be-gone” except they made the earlier version “Penta-gone” and it cost them about half their oil for food money meeting the specs, similar to $600 toilet seats from USA, because it could not be confused with 5 small Real Crummy Adaptation plugs

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