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red phase

Inconceivable as it may seem, some day I’m going to leave this place, and that day is approaching – though much too slowly.

With the approach of our departure, a sensation akin to disappointment settles over me. It’s a disappointment borne from the fact that I realize that there isn’t going to be a climactic finale, an epic closure to our long, bizarre trip. Rather, one day I’ll wake up, drive over to BIAP, walk up the ramp of a C-130, and forty-five minutes later I’ll be in Kuwait, out of Iraq and out of the war and only days from being home. It’s an anticlimax if there ever was one.

I love to tell a story – I’ve been able to weather everything on this deployment because I knew that, at least, it’d make a good story. But now I’m faced with the prospect of the story being essentially over, having no good wrap-up. I’ve written about this phenomenon before – there’s not going to be the Final Battle of B Company, some kind of balls-to-the-wall dash from Baghdad to Kuwait on MSR Tampa, with guns blazing and shelter trucks hurtling along and glowing red with the heat of air friction as the home-made turbos kick in.

I could at least get a good ending out of all this business, but it looks like I’m going to have to be creative with my wrap-up.


  1. Papa Ray


    Decompression is important. Mine..long ago and in a far away land was thru a hospital in Japan, then to W. Reed for a three month stay.

    Then home.

    It was better for me than my buds who just one day, walked up the ramp into a silver bird and then hours later, walked down the ramp back into the world.

    Some took years (including me) to get over it, others never did.

    But the homecoming…ah yes, the homecoming makes all the difference.

    Continue the Mission

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  2. Bryce and Lola

    we’ll all makeyour homecoming super,,,maybe we can find some fireworks..but maybe not–we might get arrested,,,it will be wonderful to see you, luv, g and g

  3. kelly

    The climatic end, may not be escaping the edge of danger for you, but for us it is climatic. We get you. Your long uneventful wait is, what it has been like to be home, waitng for you. You say it is hard to find the words to write, this is what it is like to write you, miss you and know I cant do anything but wait with no exciting story to tell you that can make it better. I miss you, we miss you, and we will all have to recover together- sort through meaning and future, together.
    Your work there is a piece of a larger puzzle that will take time to shape individually and for that nation. You are apart of that shaping, in excitement and boredom. I wish I could make it go quicker- cause I would in a heartbeat, life isnt the same without you here. I just miss my bro and time will eventually cooperate with us.

  4. armynurseboy

    The sudden shift in environments can be surreal, let me tell you. I was on Al Asad one day, 24 hours later I was home at Ft Carson.

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