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how ’bout those troops?

Doesn’t this picture just give you a warm fuzzy? (From our troop-loving pals at Indymedia.)


  1. Desult

    Ooh, that’s one of the most wackest signs I’ve ever had the opportunity to lay eyes on. Notice how the guy on the right has to wear a face mask because he’s a coward. Well, face mask or not they’re all nutjobs.

  2. TOM-The Other Mac

    A selfish anarchist that wants himself in power and sometimes gets elected with 100% of the votes like Saddam …. this also suggests another left over strategy from the Vietnam playbook. What is the opposite sign – we support protesters when they …. My warm fuzzy is frustration with an irrational and illogical argument (meaning line of reasoning).

  3. Bob

    Looks a lot like hate speech to me.

  4. Mom and Dad

    I saw a poll of Jordanian Muslims today.

    The percentage supporting suicide bombers in Iraq has declined from 70% to 46%.


  5. kelly

    I guess I don’t even get it? What would be the protest? I’m confused… maybe that’s bad- out of touch and you in Iraq get more than I do- wouldn’t doubt it!!

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