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million dollar conex party


This morning was the final inspection of the shipping containers carrying our excess personal gear back to the United States. As you can see, it’s an incredible amount of crap – and what’s in the picture is only about half of the company’s stuff.

My two items – a footlocker and a duffel bag – were packed with stuff that basically saw no use on this entire deployment. Fleece jacket and overalls (never worn), large rucksack, polyproplene underwear, knee pads, elbow pads…an incredible array of equipment that I never touched. The Ex even managed to have her entire issue of green BDUs and black boots (most everyone else had gotten rid of those items before we ever left the US) – I’m sure that stuff came in real handy. My mountainous OCIE (organizational clothing & individual equipment) issue really illustrates the incredible wealth and excellent equipment of the US Army: they can afford to issue me vast piles of gear, “just in case.”

The mood was jovial, almost like a block party in nature; people were listening to music, reading, talking, joking, playing violin (really!), throwing baseballs, and generally lounging. It’s one more step closer to getting us the hell out of here, and it was a welcome one.


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    This is my favorite post so far. It looks real. You might really be coming home.

  2. Desult

    Glad to hear about that buddy. It sounds like that “block party” was a good time. Almost there!

    Aww, Mrs. Melobi, I bet you’re so excited. Doing the happy dance, eh?

  3. cindy

    Hurray! It’s a very encouraging photo. We can’t wait to see you again.

  4. Bryce and Lola


  5. Spike

    Polyproplene underwear?!

  6. SGT "Doc " Thompson

    Polypro Underwear is the greatest (when skiing in Minnesota).

    If you thought speedos were hot then you need to own a pair of polypro underwear…

    For a really retro-swimwear look you should buy an undershirt and wear them both to the beach. You’ll look like you are from back in the 1920’s

  7. Dustyvet

    As person who grew up in Minnesota, and started school in the late 50’s. Minneapolis public schools had no buses then, so you walked three quarters of mile to school, stayed till lunch, walked home, ate lunch, then hiked back the three quarters of a mile back to school, then in the afternoon walked the three quarters of a mile back home 5 days a week. Having said that we also did it in some the worst Minnesota weather, in -20 below zero cold…never mind the wind chill facter… Bottom line I would have killed for Polyproplene underwear!
    Great to see the soldiers send the stuff home, maybe we can finish this thing, and bring them home safe and soon. God Bless you guys and ladies, the folks in this household are damn proud of you all!

  8. Steven

    Thank gad… get out mission commence already…

  9. Sean

    Glad to hear that you’re almost out of there, keep up the blog when you come home and join us regular bloggers.

  10. kelly

    Wow, cant believe how good it is to see that picture, my new desktop screen saver! Cant wait, its really exciting to see you all pack!

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