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army pictionary 4


This is my favorite. (Phone card included for scale.) I’d say it’s either a tactical bullhorn or a vehicular-mounted candelabra, but it’s not for me to decide. That’s for you!

UPDATE:And the winner is…The Other Mac, with his ODIFER idea – sounds like something that would be extremely useful.

Unfortunately, it’s just what we call a Band III Feed Horn, a thing that sticks into the head of an antenna and makes radio waves shoot out or something. It’s all very technical and mysterious.


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    It’s a snow cone or ice cream cone holder. The bottom pops off so you can slurp up what melts.

  2. TOM-The Other Mac

    This is not from the bakery to help make US Army funnel cakes. This is an ODIFER, the phone card is just an example of many different communication components that can be used with this as part of an overall system. ODIFER is an Omni Directional Information Flow Expander Reducer. Say you want to talk to the troops, but not say too much, you put the larger end manually up to your lips and talk away and magically it reduces what you said. Conversely, you get a droning phone call, put the wide end up to the ear-piece and instantly, you only hear the salient features. Batteries are not included.

  3. Jinxy

    It’s a Mark 5 Combat Beer Bong.

  4. Spc. Trigger Happy

    Not sure what any of that is; but the abstract artwork in the back ground is breath taking.

  5. Twizzy

    It is a water retaining butt plug for a camel. Camel Jockeys use this when they make long trips across the desert. The U.S. Military started handing them out to locals recently because they last alot longer, easier to insert, and are more tactical than chemlights.

  6. Jason

    That’s easy, looks just like what we use to go shining rabbits at night. 10 million Candlepower spotlight. you got the car adapter, or is it one of those new rechargeable ones. and you think they look scared in the headlights…

  7. Bryce and Lola

    It’s a military version of that kids game where you try to catch the ball attached to a string inside the big end. I cant remember the name

  8. SPC. Pretty Pretty

    M-27 Genie containment unit. (reusable)
    Genie 1 each
    Wish, 3 each

  9. Reskis mom

    Well, for crying out loud – it’s the cigarette holder Cheech and Chong used for the Party Joint! You have been on some kind of scavenger hunt soldier! Happy Countdown to Ya!

  10. Delobius

    Trigger Happy – that’s what you get when you scavenge a field table from the garbage and then let a year’s worth of fine blowing sand accumulate on its scarred surface. :)

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