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golden like a…

Hey, it was Fergie’s birthday yesterday – the big 2-3! The jerk didn’t even say anything until after dinner. Would have at least bought him a Whopper…everyone say hi!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Happy birthday, Fergie! I don’t understand about golden birthdays–never heard of them until I moved to Minnesota so missed mine. Enjoy your 23rd year. It’s the year you get to come home.

  2. Anonymous

    Fergie, congrats on another revolution completed!! Only another 50 more to go! Then you die.


    Your friend,

  3. Twizzy (Fergy)

    The only other great revolutions I have left is leaving here (the butthole of the earth) and collecting Social Security.

  4. Spike

    Happy birthday Fergy. Why’re you named after the former Duchess of York?

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